Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Deep Root Feeding Pays Off

It’s not too late for 2008
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Deep root feed your trees and shrubs this fall. Once the plants have started to turn colour, growth has stopped and it is safe to apply nutrients to the root zone. (If fed too early, the presultant plant growth will not have enough time to harden off before winter.)
When fed in Late October through early November, the nutrients are taken up by the tree and shrub roots and are there ready to be used for the Spring growth.
We were exploring the gardens in Hampton Court Palace this summer in London England.We were amazed to see these enormous yew trees. Here in Canada, we see very few yews of any size. At Hampton Court, there were yews with trunks that were easily 18 inches or more in diameter. Hampton Court was built in the 1500 to 1600's. These huge yews could be several hundred years old.
 Old Yew Hampton Court.
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