Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cold weather and lawns

BRR! We have hit a really cold spell.
-14 right now and an overnight low on Wednesday expected to be - 18 C. That is 0F.
With the wind chill it will feel even more frigid.

On the bright side we are hoping that these cold temperatures combined with the lack if snow will kill off a few (or maybe a lot) of the lawn insects like grubs, chinch bugs, leatherjackets.

When we had that heavy snowfall on December 26th, the ground had not had a chance to freeze. I know that because my son's dog passed away just before New Year's and we were able to dig a nice grave in our large back yard. Even though there was close to 6 inches of snow, the ground was not frozen beneath.

Now that the warm weather of the January thaw melted most of the snow away, this cold weather is going to freeze the soil to a greater depth.

I was on a lawn yesterday to do a lawn care quote. A couple of paces from the curb was a dandelion with yellow flower buds. (Top left corner of the photo)
My question is- did the dandelion flower come out due to the warm January thaw? A friend of mine from church who lives in Oakville, said her Snowdrops were blooming.

Or were these blooms still there from last fall?

Lastly - any guesses to whether we are going to have an early spring?
Guess we can wait til the ground hogs come out?

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