Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Signs of Spring- besides robins

This morning, I caught a rabbit feeding on the lawn. Now when I say “caught”, I mean visually not literally. I wouldn’t mind catching one literally, as they are multiplying like “rabbits.” The bad part of course, is that they like to eat my plants. Last year, they kept taking the tops of the lettuce plants and nibbling on the swiss chard. During the winter, they will “prune” certain plants, like the spireas, euonymus, and burning bush.

Now, this particular rabbit was nibbling on the grass on top of the septic tank. I guess the saying about the “grass being greener over the septic tank” is true (a la Erma Bombeck.) I guess the warmth of the septic tank is causing the grass there to just start to grow with tender new shoots. And of course, Mr. Rabbit, knows a tender salad sprouting when he sees one.

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