Wednesday, June 9, 2010

White Grub Sense

Found a White Grub in a lawn today. The customer says that this week a 6-10 inch circle appeared in the lawn . The grass was not completely dead or yellow, but looked dry. About 30-40% of the grass blades had turned brown thus creating a noticeable difference within her lawn.

The sod was easy to pull up. In each of 2 of these circles, I found a single white grub. This seems either early or late?


One lawn expert says that the look of the grub's exoskeleton is "crinkled" which would indicate that it is ready to pupate. The peak adult flights are about 2 weeks away, so the timing seems to be right on.

The raster end of the grub identifies it as a European chafer larva. White grubs can be from European chafer, Japanese beetle, or the June beetle (June bug).

Nowadays in Ontario, the only thing you can legally use to treat white grubs is Nematodes.

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