Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trillium Award

Congratulations to one of our customers, Martin & Maureen who have won a 2009 Trillium Award from the City of Hamilton. They have been customers for 13 years. Turf King is proud to have been a small part in helping them to win this honour.
Thank you also to Martin and Maureen for their long association with our Lawn Care over the years. Thanks to thelm also for doing their part with mowing and watering.
Turf King Hamilton is the King of Green
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Crane Fly Adults Emerging

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Our technicians are finding loads of Crane Fly adults. And so are the customers. Certainly all the rain we had earlier this year has probably increased the likelihood of the larvae surviving the heat and drought of the summer.

The Crane Flies can be a nuisance as they flit and fly around, often by the hundreds. They do not live very long. Mostly to mate and lay eggs.

Those eggs soon hatch into larvae. The larvae of the Crane Fly is called a leatherjacket. These leatherjackets feed on the roots, stems and crowns of grasses. Enough of them and the lawn can be severely damaged.

Call now for treatment. Turf King Lawn Care