Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Dandelion tries to bloom in December

As I was driving today, I noticed a lot of white stuff along the boulevards and lawns along the streets. No, it wasn't snow. Certain weedy lawns along the streets had a lot of dandelions growing in them. Maybe it was the  bright sun on a cold crisp day that made them more noticeable than normal. Of course, once you see a patch or two, you can't help but see a whole lot more wherever you drive.

What are the dandelions intending to do? The flowers, for the most part have bloomed and gone partially to seed. Will these dandelion seed heads still mature and disperse their seeds later? Like, in the spring? or on some warmer sunny day? Or did I just notice them because, they weren't at this stage previously, but add some "fluff" very recently?
 Why did the seed heads form at this time of year?
In this closeup photo, there is one flower head with some yellow showing.

The answer to why - is harder to determine.
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