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"#lawncare in the autumn #mulchleaves to a depth of 2" to add #organicmatter to your #soil"

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Why Not Water your Lawn in the Evening

Harry asks
An inspection was done. One recommendation is
' Avoid watering in evening'
Please explain the reason. I always thought this would minimise evaporation.

Hi Henry
Watering in the evening can lead to a higher incidence of turfgrass diseases.
When the grass is damp heading into the night time, the pores of the blades are more likely to be open. This increases the risk of fungal spores entering and infecting the plant. Most fungus diseases are more prevalent in moist conditions.
Avoid watering late in the day that will result in the grass blades being wet going into the night time. Although this cannot always be helped when the weather causes it, we can reduce the risk of infection if we can choose to water at other times.
Yes, less water is lost to evaporation in the evening, but mornings would give similar conditions.
There may be times when the weather is dry enough that watering can be done after supper, but the grass blades will be dry before night falls.

Before and After photo

Lawn care works.
As you can see from the before photo in April, this lawn was totally toast.
After seeding in April, the lawn has recovered, but then the neighbour's car in the driveway did a number on the tree and the lawn
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