Friday, May 20, 2011

Giant Hogweed Photos

Giant Hogweed between a House and Fence
 Note the colour and hairiness of the stem
 These plant have reached a height of about 24" by May 20th.
 Young seedlings look like this.
 The dead seed heads are over 10 ft high
 Close up of the stem
 There are a lot of plants in this small corridor

 see if you can see the young rabbit just to the left of the flower pot
 medium sized juvenile plant

Roundup or glyphosate can be used to treat this noxious weed.
Pulling or cutting can also help but beware of getting plant juices on your skin. The sap can leave nasty burn marks, itching, rashes and worse.

Dogs Spots on the Boulevard

Dogs Spots on the Boulevard
 Your neighbourhood dog walkers may be diligent in picking up and taking away the doggie doodoo, but they are often less careful where they let the dogs do their No. 1's.
The urea in dog urine will act as a lawn nutrient on the lawn. If your lawn in not well nourished, the lawn will appear spotty.

Cure? Keep your lawn well fed. That way the dog spots will not be as noticeable.