Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rake, Rake, Rake

Is the autumn season called "fall" because of the leaves? Fall does mean leaves will fall. And leaves fallen on lawn shouldn't leave the lawn in worse shape than they would be if you can see that the leaves aren't left on the lawn. Whew!

Once the leaves end up on the lawn, they should be removed. Large flat leaves like those from maples, can easily lie on the lawn and smother the grass. When you do rake them into leaf piles, don't leave the piles sitting on the lawn too long. I have come to lawns in the spring where you could see the leaf piles in several places in the melting snow. Inevitably the lawn under those leaf piles has died from the lack of light and air.

If the leaf drop is not too severe, you may be lucky enough to run the lawn mower over the leaves and chop them up fine enough to allow them to compost right on the lawn. If that's not an option,
you can use your mower and lawn mower bag to gather the leaves.

If you do need to rake, make sure to use a leaf rake to rake leaves. The tines of leaf rakes are flexible enough that they will not damage the lawn.

Once you have the leaves all gathered together- why not compost them?
Fall leaves are a valuable resource because they keep garden soil productive. This way these nutrients can be recycled back into your garden.

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