Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fiesta Re growth Trial

Pam Charbonneau Univ of Guelph

Per cent live weed
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sarritor leaf wetness and temperature

By Cynthia Siva U of Guelph

Growth chamber experiment with dandelions

20 degrees C is optimal
Relative humidity perhaps more important than Leaf days wetness
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Alternative Weed Management


Pre-Treatment in Fall-sept
Flame Weeding


Seeded in the spring

Post renovation treatments
Corn gluten meal
Par 3

Weed count

Untreated control
Sarritor CGM no good response

Fiesta was close to Par 3 when treated 4 weeks later
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Chinch Bug Photo

most chinch bug photos are small and of poor quality

A high resolution photo is available here

See our library for more info on Chinch bugs.

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Overseeding Myths & Facts

Nutrite Lawn Care Seminar
Cathy Wall, Quality Seed

Strategy- what is our objective?
Is it thin? Renovate
To thicken turf? Rejuvenate

Competition from other plants

Growth habit
Mtce- low or high
Competitive ability

Kentucky Bluegrass
Slow initial establishment-28 days
Rhizominous growth
Fine texture
Sunny environment, winter hardy
High maintenance
2.2 million seeds per lb

Fine fescues
Rapid establishment
Germination 21 days
Rhizome (creepin red) or basal tillering
Fine texture
Adaptable to soils fertility, moisture winter hardy
Low mtce
640,000 seeds per lb

Perennial Ryegrass
Rapid establishment- esp in existing stand
Germation in 14 days, some in 3-5 days
Tillering, stolons
Fine texture
Adaptable, winter hardy
Moderate mtce
227,000 seeds per lb

Annual Ryegrass
Coarse, medium texture
New SOS variety-to use for quick repair, finer texture darker colour

New perennial ryegrass
Will fill in more like kentucky
Darker green

Tall Fescue
Germinates 14 days
Texture medium

 tillering, rhizomes 
Adaptable, moderately winter hardy
Low mtce - deep roots

RTF-Rhizomatous Tall Fescue- a new self repairing lawn, Drought resistant

Endophyte enhances seed
Reduces leaf feeding lawn insects
Enhanced stress protection

When Overseeding
Perennial ryegrass is good to renovate or repair
Mixes in colour and texture

Adding multiple varieties
Better to provide the things to cover a wider variety of conditions.

Due to differences in seed size, seeds mixed by weight.
20% 20% 60% kentucky, fescue, perennial rye.

In a 100 lbs - 22 million Kentucky bluegrass seed, 7 million fescues, 7 million Perennial rye seeds

Micro clover- new
Not many flowers, so fits better in a lawn, but hard to get enough seed
Will be available in a few years
Grows below height of grass for most of season

Increase Organic Matter In Lawns

One of the great products to increase Organic Matter is Sustane Fertilizer.

Rich Hawkes from Sustane fertilizers

Organic matter will increase microbial activity in the soil.

One of the benefits is a reduction of disease. This is due to an increase in competition. The soil can only hold so many organisms. If there is a greater number of good microbes in the soil, there will be less space, oxygen, nutrients available for the "bad guys" (disease organisms.)

Sustane Fertilizer- characteristics
Organic matter 50 per cent
Biologically active
Contains 14 essential plant nutrients
12% Humic & Fulvic acids (improves ability of plant to utilize nutrients)
70-85% slow release Nitrogen
2% chelated Iron
Non burning, low salt index

Contains beneficial bacteria
Strengthens roots and shoots
Supplies nutritional benefits
Soil physical and chemical attributes enhanced

Good disease suppression

Continued use of organic products results in a reduction of Nitrogen needed. As the Organic Matter is increased, the lawn is less reliant on Nitrogen.

Healthier soils = healthier plants = less reliance on pesticides

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