Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Beginning to Look like Irish Spring

Yesterday, I talked about patches of lawns that were itching to start growing.
Here's a patch that (even though the the photo doesn't do it justice) is not only itching, it's growing. It's got its own patch of global warming micro-climate. 
Up against a south facing brick wall. And a 3 storey brick wall. So all the sunshine and warm weather gets bounced back and accumulates in the soil. I suppose some heat escapes from the building itself as well.
As the soil starts to warm up, the grass starts to get active. The turf closest to the building is the tallest, because it has started to grow the most. (also because it is quack grass rather than Kentucky bluegrass)

South facing lawns will green up faster than north facing lawns. (all other factors being equal of course.) 
I did drive past a north facing lawn that was greener than the south facing lawns on the opposite side. But the lawns on the  opposite side were city boulevards that are not generally well kept or nourished.

The north facing lawn was on a well groomed, well landscaped yard. Unfortunately, I was unable to take a photo for you.

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