Monday, June 7, 2010

Sarritor for Sale - at Bargain Prices

Weed control product for sale. Saw this on craiglist. What is the reason?

Not working, not enough weeds available, too much product, other alternatives.

Sarritor Bags (Commercial size) - $95 (Vaughan)

Date: 2010-06-02, 5:31PM EDT
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Sarritor Organic Weed Control 15 - 7.5kg bags left, They have been kept in a deep freezer which is required to ensure they remain very fresh.
Works well on dandelion, plantain, clover and thistle. With the warm spring, and good rains, it's time to get moving.
Willing to sell at a very good price (much cheaper than retail)
Sold by the bag or buy the whole lot. Sells for 29.95 for only a small 350 g bottle in retail stores (that will hardly treat 100 sq ft.)- The bags I have for sale are 7500 gram (7.5kg) bags which would be worth about 640.00 at retail pricing, but are only 95.00 obo each incl tax 

Yellow Slime Mould on Lawns

This morning found some yellow patches on the lawn. Further investigation confirmed that this is slime mould.

"This disease does not infect grass tissues. It feeds on bacteria and decaying organic matter. It will not harm turfgrass. As soon as continuous sunny dry weather occurs, the disease will disappear. Light raking or disruption by brushing will hasten its eradication. No fungicidal control is necessary. Hope this info helps."
Thanks, Chuck

According to Pam, "Slime mould.  It comes in many colours - black, grey, yellow and it climbs up the sides of turf blades but doesn't do any damage.  It usually is seen right after a rain."

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