Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hamilton Spectator Ad March 11, 2015

Healthier, Greener Lawns Guaranteed
We want you to have a healthy, green lawn. To this end, Turf King, the Lawn Care Experts promotes the use of high quality, long-lasting fertilizers to provide needed nutrition. You can be proud of your lawn and home with little maintenance and minimal impact on the environment.

Avoid Unsightly Weeds
New “Organic” Weed Treatment NOW AVAILABLE Call Today!

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53rd Anniversary Sale
SAVE $53 OFF A Full Season Lawn Care Program
With 3 or 4 Fertilizer Applications.

SAVE 50% OFF LOGI-CAL Root Proliferator, Granular application (not a fertilizer) to promote root growth and relieve stress in lawns.

SAVE 20% OFF on Nematode Grub Treatment, Natural grub suppression application.

Offers valid for New bookings only.
Not valid with any other offers.
Offers Expire July 31st 2015.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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