Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Colours- are Cool, so is the Weather

Driving along the 407-ETR the other day, I noticed how beautiful the fall colours were The leaves are shades of yellow, gold, red, and oranges. The maples and oaks are beautiful at this time of year. Often in our rush to get to where we are going, we fail to realize the beauty in nature that surrounds us. We need to press the "pause" button once in a while. Drink in the serenity of all that uplifts the spirit and calms the soul.

At my granddaughters home, the silver maple next door has dropped a few armful's of its leaves.
In autumn, the silver maple leaves turn reddish with a light coloured reverse. They also like to curl up into a fluffy shape.
Nestled up against the deep coloured sedum provides an interesting contrast in colour and texture. Scattered across the deep green of the lawn also gives a different visual contrast.

The weather is turning chilly. Time to go inside and light a fire in the woodstove. When the room is cool, a set of bellows is helpful in geting the warmth off to a good start. 
While a woodstove has worked for us up to now, it is getting to the point where some parts are not working properly.
Perhaps I should consider one of the many electric fireplaces available now. That would be clean, no ashes to clean up or to create dust. We will definitely have to look into the advantages of an electric fireplace.

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