Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eliminate Violets from your Lawn with new Product

– Jun 14, 2010 – With nearly 32 million acres of lawn grasses in the United States making it the largest irrigated crop in the country, it is estimated that over twenty million homeowners use different types of lawn products, every year.
A Michigan lawn care specialist, Shane Schultz, has obtained patent pending status on an all natural control process for sporadic bunches of violets that are considered weeds in lawns. This very common pest is one of the most difficult problems, as the plants are much stronger then grasses. When a lawn is thin, violet weeds can move right in. Most homeowners become convinced, after years of failure, that it is impossible to eliminate violets in their lawn.
         The new product offering , called Vio-less is all natural and when applied directly to the heart shaped leaves of the target, eliminates the plants in only two days, most importantly, they do not return. This is much faster then any other known treatment and the new powerful product is completely non toxic. Current available products rarely eliminate
the purple and white flowering plants completely and they can grow, again. Online, there are hundreds of blogs, where users seek advice on how to get rid of weeds in their lawn. Common questions, most often involve the toughest kind of weeds, like the violet and safer alternatives then chemicals .  
                 The new Vio-less product is available at several online sites, on a service which helps entrepreneurs’ establish business to business partnerships and on Ebay in the weed control listing.  Future plans are to offer the product at major lawn and garden retailers.