Monday, March 15, 2010

Early Spring or Global Warming?

All that rain. . . . What happened to April Showers? This is only the first half of March. Is this a harbinger of an early spring? Or is this a symptom of Climate Change and Global Warming.

This weekend saw a March record for rainfall broken here in Hamilton. 150 people called City Hall to report flooded basements. Some homeowners reported 36 inches of water in their homes.

I'm sorry for all those who are suffering due to the intense rain and to the wandering water drops, but I'm just glad that all that rain came as rain and not as snow. That would have been a huge blizzard of shoveling. And it would have put spring on the back burner for a week or two.

The lawns are glad. Here and there, one can see signs (not of green, yet) but some kind of activity. I swear the grass in not the same colour it used to be a few weeks, maybe even days ago. Any bit of warmth, and the turf will start to send some of that warmth up from the soil and into the roots and up into the blades. "Hang on," spring is around the corner.

It's trying its best to be green by St. Patrick's Day for a change. Now, that may be old hat to some parts south of here, but a green lawn on March 17 is not a common site in this neck of the woods. Not even if you give it a lot of green beer to drink.

Here at Turf King Lawn Care, we're trying our best to be Green, too. New products, new applications, new methods, new ideas . .  . all part of the process to make your lawn "greener and green." Or you could also say "green and greener", which is slightly different from "greener and greener."

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