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Garlic Mustard- If you can’t beat them, then eat them

Noticed that the garlic mustard along the edges of the lawn are looking tender. A good time to use them as greens.

Then I thought at Passover the Israelites were supposed to have bitter herbs as well as the Passover lamb

So I went out ant pulled about 20 or so plants out of the ground - lots of leaves and twigs and dried grass that needed to be picked out, skirted around etc but managed to get them out of the ground quite easily since we have had a lot of April showers 

Brought them inside trimmed off the roots and lowers stems
Ended up with a colander full- and garlic mustard leaves are quite flat- not like spinach leaves that have a lot of crinkles

Filled the sink and rinsed them
Drained them well

Sautéed  them with oil- added some seasoned salt

The colander full didn’t amount to much when cooked

Put the dish out at potluck and labeled it as “bitter greens”

It all went- a few people commented that yes they were quite bitter.

But bitter is supposed to be good for you

and there are a few less garlic mustards to spread!

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Readers' Choice Awards Hamilton Community News - Turf King

Thanks to all our customers and friends who voted for Turf King in the Hamilton Community News 2019 Readers' Choice Awards Turf King Hamilton is proud of our technicians and staff who do our best to earn your high regard, your votes and your 5 star reviews. We actually are on the list twice- Once as Turf King and once as The King of Green since The King of Green is a slogan we use to describe Turf King
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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. - Jim Rohn #quote

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