Thursday, November 15, 2007

Winter Fertilizer

It's that time of year - we've put almost all of our lawns to bed with the "winter" fertilizer. This last fertilizations is one of the most important. Even though the lawns appear to have gone dormant, the plants are still quite active. The root system is busy storing food so that the lawn will be able to green up nicely come spring.
The nutrients applied at this time of year will encourage the lawns roots to go deeper and to get larger and stronger. By increasing the amount of the root system, your lawn will be able to store a greater quantity of food for next year. The better the roots are this fall, the healthier your lawn will be next year.
As the root system increases, the roots will grow deeper. Deeper roots will allow your lawn to be able to tolerate dry conditions. Lawns will shallow roots dry out sooner. They will require more frequent watering and may turn brown sooner. A deeply rooted lawn will need less watering and will keep its green colour longer.

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