Monday, February 23, 2009

The Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation
FACT: The Ontario turfgrass industry maintained 390,000 acres of turfgrass in 2007 while generating $2.6 Billion in revenue to the economy. The industry also provided 33,000 full time jobs while spending an additional $1.75 Billion on operating and equipment expenditures.
The Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation has released a detailed report of the economic size of the Ontario turfgrass industry. This comissioned study measures the scale and the breadth of the industry both in physical terms (acreage, employment) as well as in economic terms (gross revenue, expenditures on operating and equipment). The Ontario turgrass industry consists of diverse segments, such as golf courses, municipal parks, sod farms, lawn care companies and sports fields. Surveyed industry professionals and selected turfgrass industry segments, along with other data sources, provided an in depth analysis of the value of Ontario turfgrass industry. The results of this study emphasize the importance of the turfgrass industry to the economy of Ontario.
Click on the following link for a brief summary Highlights of Economic Profile of the Ontario Turfgrass Industry.pdf For a copy of the full report, click on Economic Profile of Ontario Turfgrass Industry.pdf

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