Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Newly sodded grass dying, could be from garbage bags left in the sun, could be neighbourhood dogs. A bit early for most insects to be causing damage yet. A lawn care dilemma?

Baby grubs found! July /13- hatched already?

Baby grubs found! July 3/13- hatched already? 

When I sent photos to some experts- a couple of entomologists and a turf specialist- here's what they said
  1.  I think, it is a May/June beetle grub. The adult beetle typically emerge from soil in May/June and lay eggs, those eggs hatch in June/July. - Thurka
  2. Was just thinking about this.  It is damn early.  Maybe they are June beetle grubs.  Adults would have emerged 2-4 weeks ago -Pam
  3. I am thinking that it may be first instar May/June beetles. -Stacey