Friday, July 26, 2013

Clover vs Crabgrass

Visited a lawn today with crabgrass scattered throughout the lawn. The lawn was 98% creeping bent grass. There was a part of the lawn that had a patch of clover. I wasn't surprised to see that there was no clover in the patch of clover and grass.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gypsy pepper almost ready? July 21/13

Gypsy pepper plants purchased from not sure who fruit is turning yellow. Will they turn to red as shown in the picture?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Emerald Ash Borer Update

We were  taking a short walk on Saturday afternoon when I spotted a row of trees that were all dead. Why were all these trees in the parking lot completely leafless. This is July and trees should have leafed out by now. If there were not leaves, then something was obviously not right.

Walking towards them, I was thinking, these look like ash trees. As we go closer, sure enough, these were a row of ash trees. Emerald Ash borer.

I looked for holes in the trunk, but didn`t see any on the first couple of trees.
But looking closer, small holes could be seen in the bark of the trunks.

As we wandered through the parking lot, we came across some trees that were severely weakened and chlorotic on top but with a lot of new healthy grow in sprouts coming off the lower part of the trunk.
Unfortunately, I did not take a photo of the top part of the tree - this would show the contrast between the affected (read infected) parts and the still healthy trunk that was sprouting new shoots.

As we kept walking we came upon a row of trees that were still somewhat green
However as we walked along this row of trees, I noticed that there were the Emerald Ash Borer adults on the trunks. I picked up a small pebble and crushed several. There were even a pair of them, one on top the other, mating.
Looks like egg laying season is just around the corner.
There are a couple of options for protecting your ash trees. Treeazin can be injected into the trees. Treeazin contains Neem oil from India. This is an organic product that disrupts the normal functions of insects. Health Canada has banned the use of Neem in many other horticultural  products. Neem can be used in the United States where it is accepted as a GRAS (generally accepted as safe) product.

The other product that can be used is Acecaps. Acecaps contain a systemic insecticide Orthene.
To use Acecaps a small hole is drilled into the base of the tree, then a capsule is inserted into the trunk. As moisture is moved up the trunk, the insecticide contained in the capsule is translocated up through the tree`s plumbing system.

Acecaps should protect your tree for two years. Applications should be made at this time of year. Contact a arborist to evaluate your situation.

Turf King Hamilton Lawn Care

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adult Japanese Beetles now feeding on eggplant

Japanese beetle adult

Adult Japanese Beetle trying to escape after being knocked off my eggplant bush. There were small holes in the leaves. Hopefully there aren't too many more. I'm an eggplant lover and also do not want any grubs in the lawn. If you see very many of the adults, you may wish to order a nematode treatment from your #lawncare company  next month.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Poison Ivy Removal Tips

A potential customer emailed about Poison Ivy
We have just purchased a house and discovered poison ivy in the backyard. The poison ivy has to be removed from along our fence as well as from our neighbour's yard (has spread under the fence). The patch is approximately 20 linear feet. 

A strong mixture of Roundup should kill off most of the plant, Sometimes a second application 6-8 weeks later may be necessary depending on the age of the plants etc.

Young plants should just turn yellow, then brown and shrivel up.
Sometimes you get a mature plant with woody stems. These are harder to kill off in one application. And if possible you may want to physically remove the woody portion as even a dead branch can contain the oils that cause the skin reactions

Contact your local lawn care company to deal with poison ivy issues.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Newly sodded grass dying, could be from garbage bags left in the sun, could be neighbourhood dogs. A bit early for most insects to be causing damage yet. A lawn care dilemma?

Baby grubs found! July /13- hatched already?

Baby grubs found! July 3/13- hatched already? 

When I sent photos to some experts- a couple of entomologists and a turf specialist- here's what they said
  1.  I think, it is a May/June beetle grub. The adult beetle typically emerge from soil in May/June and lay eggs, those eggs hatch in June/July. - Thurka
  2. Was just thinking about this.  It is damn early.  Maybe they are June beetle grubs.  Adults would have emerged 2-4 weeks ago -Pam
  3. I am thinking that it may be first instar May/June beetles. -Stacey