Friday, September 11, 2009

Leatherjackets have hatched

Lot of Crane fly adults are around, emerging from the lawns.
Mark found a newly hatched larvae Leatherjackets.
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Chinch bugs hate the shade

The King of Green has always said that chinch bugs are "Sunny Weather" friends. They prefer the sun and dislike the shade.
Not sure if you can see this well, but this lawn has a hedge running east-west along the southern edge of a lawn. So the lawn along the hedge is shaded most of the time because it is on the north side of the hedge. The chinch bugs have decimated the lawn. All they have left are the quack grass, crabgrass, and a lot of dead grass. The lawn damage is extensive.

Hard to tell if the weeds are there because the chinch bugs left them behind or if they jumped into the lawn because the chinch bugs destroyed the lawn, and reduced the turf density.

If you look closely you will see that there is a strip of lawn about 2 feet wide along the hedge that (while far from good), is not as damaged as the rest of the lawn.

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We have treatments available for chinch bugs.
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September 11

Our thoughts are with all who have been affected by this particular event.
Let us all pause to reflect on the world we live in. How quickly it can change and how to enjoy life in the meantime.

While driving, I saw a big patch of rust fungus disease on a lawn.

Another customer reported they won a Pink Trillium Award. more on that another time.

At a potential customers lawn today. Saw a lawn with low nutrients, except for a few nice green spots along the drip line of a large maple. Perhaps, someone had fed the tree with tree spikes or by deep root feeding as normally this would be done at the edge of the tree. Tree fertilizing can also cause the lawn to turn greener where the tree has been fertilized. However, the spacing was rather irregular and not even.

I had noticed a lot of bird droppings along the sidewalk as I arrived. As I was leaving I realized that the 2 were connected. The green spots in the lawn were greener because they had indeed been fertilized. By the birds. The lawn had turned greener due to the nutrients in the bird droppings. The sidewalk, however did not benefit from this at all. In fact it looked rather dirtied.

The birds sitting on the tree branches have fertilized the lawn and caused their natural, organic by product to increase the lawn's green colour

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