Friday, September 30, 2011

Call That Sodding?

Not sure if the orange markings are visible. Looks like one of the utility companies neded to lift the grass for some reason or another.

Too bad they can't put the sod back nice and neatly ... And level.
Turf King Hamilton Halton Haldimand

A Squeaky Clean Lawn

What can be done when animals such as skunks and raccoons dig up your lawn to look for white grubs?

Ruth called in to tell us that she had heard about using Tide laundry granules.

She said she got a $15 box and sprinkled it over her city sized lawn.

So far- the animals haven't been back.

Maybe the skunks had harvested all the grubs and it wasn't worth digging in her lawn anymore.
Or maybe they dislike the fresh clean smell of Tide.

Now, if there are still some grubs there- how long will the Tide keep working?

One night when it rained, Ruth said she saw some bubbles. So if nothing else- her lawn is nice and clean.