Thursday, October 1, 2009

Soil Testing Time

Sometimes a report card is a good thing.

Sometimes a lawn does not appear to be doing as well as it should. There is no evidence of insects or diseases, the soil is not compacted. Even though it appears to be receiving the proper fertilization throughout the year, something seems to be lacking. Sometime taking soil samples and sending them to a professional laboratory for analysis, may uncover areas that can be improved.

Fall is a good time to test your soil. Soil analysis will show which nutrients, if any, are lacking in your turf. By seeing which nutrients are lacking, a plan of action to take corrective action can be implemented.
A pH test will determine if the soil is too acidic or not. In our area, we are sitting on a lot of limestone. Limestone will tend to generally prevent the soil from becoming too acid, but sometimes there are other factors that can influence soil pH.
The testing will also analyze the organic matter content of the soil. Organic matter is an important component of a good, healthy soil.

And a healthy soil will result in happier plants.

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