Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Turf King is truly THE KING OF GREEN. This excellent company has been keeping our grass green and healthy for numerous years. They do NOT use aggressive and annoyingly-so call center approaches which is highly appreciated. This AMAZING company offers personalized customer service that is always filled with friendly, expert advice. Our lawn ecolgogist, Andy, is most welcoming and filled with valuable information which is very helpful! Andy is very much appreciated and trusted by us. Over the years, Turf King has provided our lawn with a customized program to suit our needs. Every spring we request, to have our lawn fertilized and aerated by Turf King. These are just some of the many excellent services which we select, from this amazing company. With each lawn service rendered, there is a detailed report, placed into our mail box which indicates specifically which service was performed; applicable instructions are outlined, on demand, if necessary. This is like getting a 'report card' for our lawn which evaluates the shape of our grass with lots of valuable feedback and advice. Also within this 'report' there is an evaluation concerning the colour of our lawn which is: currently GREEN, the density of it, is currently THICK and the stautus of weeds is indicated as FEW. TURF KING provides valuable diagnostic feedback to make us aware of any conerns that can NATURALLY crop up with our lawn such as Broadleaf Weeds. Once the feedback is given to us, we are aware of anything that may need tending to with regards to our lawn, and then we call the company to schedule the applicable services,which gets to the heart of the matter. Grass is part of NATURE and TURF KING is not only the KING OF GREEN but they sure know leaps and bounds about how MOTHER NATURE and GRASS go hand in hand. They know about 'bugs and grubs' and to prevent them or to get rid of them. They have a wealth of knowledge and have answered many of my lawn questions, over the years. Turf King provides a very informative and enjoyable newsletter called TURF NOTES which offers a wealth of information about grass tips and gardening tips. I love this newsletter; I learn so much from it! Gerry personalizes the newsletter which is printed in GREEN text and throughout the grass season, he tells his customers, little stories about his family. Being part of TURF KING, is like being part of one big happy family with all the same goals in mind; keeping one's grass healthy and looking its best, year after year! It is such a warm hearted newsletter with all around reading that is truly one that I lookk forward to receiving; HIGHLY EDUCATIONAL. Over the years, through these newsletters, I have learned so many grass and gardening tips, including the benefits of Aeration, information about the new natural treatments that Turf King offers to keep one's grass healthy and beyond! In TURF KING'S most recent newsletter there is advice which reads: A few weeds won't detract from the beauty of a healthy , thick green lawn. This is so true...we have a few weeds and our lawn is certainly beautiful (WE HAVE A GORGEOUS LAWN) and it is remarkably healthy, healthy, healthy! A healthy lawn is indeed a green lawn. Our lawn is a 'green carpet' of beauty, thanks to Turf King. This professional company with its intelligent knowledge, ALWAYS pampers our lawn with tender, loving care and we have one of the nicest lawns in the neighbourhood! Yes, I am bragging about our lawn because many neighbours have commented on how great it looks and I always reply, THIS IS BECAUSE OF TURF KING! Most of all, my husband and I love our lawn...it is a TURF KING creation! Our GREEN CARPET of health and beauty.... THANKS-THANKS-THANKS TO TURF KING... welcomes song birds and families of playful squirrels, which I love to watch in our outdoor world! Turf King ALWAYS welcomes feedback through e-mail communication, telephone communication or written communication. They value customer feedback and suggestions. Turf King is a very open minded company, which really aims to provide EXCELLENT customer satisfaction, which they constantly do for us. TURF KING is a company that we will always be loyal to! TURF KING truly is THE KING OF GREEN and I am sure that they have connections with MOTHER NATURE!!!!! I could go on and on about TURF KING because the proof is in the pudding, their actions speak loudly by all that they have done for our lawn and all that they continue to do for our lawn. WOW! When we moved into our house, six years ago, our lawn was a sad state but TURF KING changed that for us, QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY! THANK YOU TURF KING FOR BEING SUCH A COMPETENT COMPANY, WHOM WE APPRECIATE LOTS AND LOTS.

Lenna in Burlington