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What is this Weed in my lawn?

This weed is called Prostrate or creeping spurge (Euphorbia supina)
Generally this weed is not a problem in healthy lawns. It likes warm soils. So if it is growing in a lawn - the lawn is likely a weak area.

In some ways, prostrate spurge is what we call an "Indicator Plant." It tells us to look beyond the presence of the weed and look at other issues that have allowed this weed to grow.

So this can be found for instance, along the edge of the lawn, say next to a driveway where once in a while the tires roll on the lawn. Or the trimmer clips the grass too short there. 

Or it is most often found in sunny lawn areas that are thin. In thick healthy lawns, one does not usually find this weed.

The next thing to determining why the lawn is thin in that area. Often there may have been chinch bugs or grubs damaging the lawn. A damaged lawn will allow weeds such as prostrate spurge to grow.

Controls. Creeping weeds are difficult to control with the current lawn care weed products that are  permitted in Ontario. A treatment or two will help.

But the important thing is to thicken up the lawn where the spurge is growing.

September is the best time of year to add seed to the lawn.
There are several ways to seed the lawn
- adding soil and seed

Hope this information is of help

Weed Info

I just spoke with you this morning and am sending along a picture of the weed that is growing in my parents lot. I'm curious if you know what it is and if there is a spray that you can put on all of the grass and it will only treat this type of weed.

Looking fwd to hearing from you.


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