Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pesticide Ban is Rushed In

It seems to me that McGuinty’s Cosmetic Pesticide Ban was rushed in to keep promises to certain Activist Groups. My guess is that on April 22, the good Premier will be proudly beating his chest and telling us how he has fulfilled another election promise.

I am not surprised to see some retailers urging people to buy now and stock up, even though, after April 22, it will not be lawful to use these products.

As I have reiterated in the past, a cup of weed killer such as Killex (mixed with water, in the correct formula as per the label instructions) is 400 times less toxic than a cup of a caffeinated coffee. If you are opposed to the occasional and proper use of a pesticide, please check your coffee consumption. (Sorry there, all you Tim Horton addicts.)

Oh, and to be technically correct, that coffee is 400 times more poisonous than weed killer if you are a laboratory rat* who according to some experts may have detoxifications genes that humans don’t have. Of course, that means, (if one were to use that argument that rats can detoxify pesticides better than humans,) that the coffee may actually be even more harmful than we think.

LD50 (Lethal Dose) values are often expressed in mg/kg. That is the number of mg of a substance that is needed per kg of the laboratory subject to kill 50% of the population.

On a brighter note, my poor Amaryllis is just beautiful. It had a bit of a false start this year. But when you see it at this stage, it's easy to associate it with determination, pride, and beauty.

Spring's coming.

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