Thursday, April 5, 2007

White Easter

Last December we had a green Christmas, this spring we have a White Easter.

The last week or so has been reasonably warm and when I pass by the village of York, there is a beautiful sloping lawn facing south. This lawn is really starting to green up. The fact that it faces south means it is getting the most of the sunshine in warming up the soil. The fact that it slopes down to the road, I believe also contributes to its ability to capture the warmth from the sun. When the soil gets warm, the grass starts to grow. When the grass starts to grow it becomes green.

How can you get your lawn to green up sooner in the spring? Moving it to the south side of the house may not be an option.

Two things you can do.

One – make sure to feed it late in the fall. A late October or early November feeding will help your lawn to green up earlier. The lawn food is taken into the root system at that time of year. It does not produce growth, but is stored in the roots. Come the spring, it is ready to be used immediately by the turf grass plants.

Two- the last cut in the fall should be short. Lower your mowing height to1 ½ to 2 inches. The lower mowing height will help to reduce the risk of winter and early spring diseases. It also means that in the spring, the soil will be able to warm up quicker than if you have long shaggy grass.

Wrist Shots in the Grass

I was looking along the edge of the driveway to get rid of the gravel that the generally ends up in the lawn after the winter. Most of it comes from the snow plow when it is clearing the drive. Some years it is worse than others. This year we only had one big snowfall that needed plowing.
Most years I try to move it off the lawn when the snow starts to melt. It is easier to shovel some gravel and some snow and throw it onto the driveway than to try to rake or get it off when all the snow has melted. Once the snow is melted, a good raking will sometimes do it, but that’s a lot of work. Some times I’ve used a flat shovel to scrape it back onto the driveway, but that’s a lot of work, too. The odd time I’ve sat down and picked them out by hand.
This year I happened to have my son’s hockey stick in my hand and I found I could use the hockey stick to flick the gravel back onto the driveway. As I said there wasn’t a lot of gravel this year, so maybe that’s why it seemed to be an easier job. A flick or two, here and there was all I needed to get the lawn cleaned up. I thought this is a great idea. And it did a good job all along the driveway.
The last spot was the gravel from the county road (which is also gravel). There the gravel was much worse and the hockey stick didn’t work as well. Or at least, it took a lot longer. So, I gave up, no, I decided the lawn along the roadway was not as important and would do just fine with a little bit of gravel along the edge.

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