Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Easy Lawn Care

Getting your lawn care looked after by the professionals at Turf King is easy. The King of Green will send technicians out to your lawn. Your lawn will be fed with high quality, fortified organic fertilizer. It takes the same amount of time to fertilize your lawn, whether we apply a mediocre lawn fertilizer or whether we apply Turf King's custom blend. Since the labour cost is the same, we prefer to put on the best fertilizer. Your lawn will be fed for up to 16 weeks.

A healthy, thick, green lawn is not going to be spoiled by a few weeds.

Once you have gotten used to have a professional lawn care company providing you with a lawn program tailored to your needs and budget, you'll wonder why you ever tried to do it yourself.

A healthy, thick, green lawn can be addictive.

If you have a lawn/tree/shrub that needs some Tender Loving Care- get The KING OF GREEN, the King of Lawn Care:
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