Friday, August 5, 2011

Hand Pulling Crabgrass

With this summer's hot temperatures and dry conditions, Lawns are being attacked all over by hordes of crabgrass.

With Ontario's Cosmetic Pesticide Ban, post emergent crabgrass treatments for this time of year are no longer available (or legal) to control crabgrass.

Hand pulling is the only choice.

This can be a tedious chore.

Is it worth doing?

We look after 2 different Burlington condo sites on the same street. Last year, one condo decided to pay some young people to hand pull the crabgrass along the walkways. The second condo decided that they couldn't afford to do the hand pulling.

This week, when our lawn technician was on the 2 sites, he reported that the first condo had a lot less crabgrass than the second one.

Although we treated both with the organic crabgrass reduction product this spring, the difference in the amount of crabgrass at this time of year is likely due to the hand pulling that was done last year.

The good thing about crabgrass is that it will die when we get a good frost. The bad part is that the produce so many seeds.

Make sure to pull the crabgrass before it goes to seed. Crabgrass plants are capable of producing thousands of seed.

Try to pull the crabgrass after a rain. When there is some soil moisture, the crabgrass will pull up much easier.
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